A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Renaiju is a little visual novel which you must attempt to win the heart of the wonderful Godxena!

This is my 2nd ever game and my first in Ren'py! I hope you enjoy it!

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Published273 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, kaiju, mac, renpy, silly, windows


Kaiju_Dating_Simulator_-_Renaiju-win.zip (38 MB)
Kaiju_Dating_Simulator_-_Renaiju-mac.zip (37 MB)


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It's a cute game. It wasn't what I expected, judging from the image on the Itch.io page. Godxena is a clever name for a female Godzilla like monster. It would have been nice if there were other monsters too, and if the game was a bit longer.

I did have a couple issues. Once when I clicked to advance the text, it skipped a few lines of dialogue. Also, the second time I played through, Godxena's sprite was see through. Like you could see her, but you could see the background through her.

In any case, it wasn't terrible. Good luck in your future games! :)